The HiPerWare platform has won the Green BIM Award!

Exciting news! The HiPerWare platform has won in the Green BIM Awards competition in the category “Measurable: Building Stock and Infrastructure” category among 23 other participants! The competition, held during BIM Days Germany under the patronage of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), recognizes the most valuable contribution to the digital transformation of the real estate industry.  

At HiPer it! we believe that BIM brings value throughout entire real estate lifecycle, and it can significantly increase the efficiency of building operations and ensure a sustainable future. 

Currently, BIM is rarely used after construction, and its potential to achieve business, environmental and ecological goals remains unutilized. The BPS team was among the first in the world to set the goal of creating a ‘live’ BIM model for efficient building operation – “Connected BIM” concept, and we believed that our innovative end-to-end platform, HiPerWare, was the best candidate for this award. 

HiPerWare is an end-to-end IIoT platform that combines hardware, software, BIM, digital twin, and big data analytics. Solutions based on HiPerWare ensure energy efficiency and high-performance operations, as well as making budlings fully transparent and manageable.  

One of BPS’ projects, that was designed, built, and operated using BIM, was presented in the application. It is a perfect example of how HiPerWare addresses the needs of the real estate industry. The platform non-intrusively collects operational big data in real-time and seamlessly integrates it with BIM, P&I and single-line diagrams for simplified on-site navigation and analysis of technical processes. It creates a complete digital twin of the building and optimizes building operations to reduce costs and energy consumption.  This project achieved outstanding results with 6 times lower energy consumption for heating than average household in Germany.  

Such an innovative approach helps achieve energy efficiency and decarbonization goals, demonstrating real value of BIM in all stages of real estate lifecycle. 

The HiPerWare platform has won the Green BIM Award!

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