ESG reporting & Gain in accreditations and certifications 

Boost ESG reporting by automatically collecting operational data from a variety of sources.

Import data from existing systems to become the central data platform for deep process analytics and ESG reporting, to comply with CSRS, ESRD requirements. 

Transparency with live Digital Twins (Connected BIM) 

Increase asset value with provision of the operational data throughout the building’s life. 

Provide proof of the efficiently operating asset by continuous collection of operation big data. Present your project as a single information technology process leveraging BIM through the entire building’s life cycle: design-build-operate. 

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You have lots of operations data, but miss important insights 

After a thorough analysis of all processes, it was identified that one of the production workshops was simultaneously cooled and heated during winter, resulting in excessive energy consumption of 60 MWh of fossil fuels and 18.5 tons CO2 emissions per month.

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