HiPer Energy Stress Test

Run an Energy Stress Test to analyse real energy consumption by system,
device, location and time.

HiPer Energy Stress Test is a comprehensive assessment of energy consumption for diagnosing and simulating different energy supply scenarios and providing recommendations for optimized operations.

Assessing the risks in case of an energy shortage will be a top priority for executives and risk managers across Europe this autumn.

Lack of transparency in energy consumption and unplanned peaks always lead to high risks and costs that dramatically impact the overall business sustainability. Lack of qualified engineers makes it impossible to analyze your right now.

IIoT and Big Data technologies and professional expertise from HiPer it! will provide you with detailed and quick analysis by system, device, location to mitigate these risks.

Energy Stress Test



Make qualified decisions on your energy consumption based on real life big data with HiPer Energy Stress Test! 

Get recommendations on how to reduce energy peaks and maximize energy efficiency.



4 weeks to get a report and simulate scenarios

All energy related Big Data are visualized on our HiPerWare IIoT platform. We deliver dynamic reports that allow simulating different energy consumption scenarios, the impact of turning off equipment or systems as well as changing schedules.



Preparation – Documentation study, definition of scope of work.


Big Data collection equipment installation. Non-intrusive, fast, and cost efficient.


Big Data collection on energy consumption.


Analysis, simulations and recommendations. Advanced analytics on energy consumption Simulations on different scenarios.


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