Repair service facility

During a checkup, the HiPerWare platform identified a problem in the compressed air system. As a problem was fixed, the customer saved up to 15% on energy consumption and costly equipment repairs.

Symptom: Excessive energy consumption in the repair service facility.

Problem: A non-intrusive instrumental analysis of the compressed air system operation using the HiPerWare platform revealed that one of the air compressors was operating unproductively during off-hours. It was turning on regularly at night for 12 hours, when no one could use or notice it. This behavior indicated the presence of air leaks in the system and caused the system to wear out faster and waste energy.

Solution: Through in-depth diagnostics and continuous analysis of operations, especially during off-hours, it was possible to detect and fix the issue, and reset the equipment’s off-hours operating mode.

The technologies used in the HiPerWare platform open new opportunities for energy savings and efficiency, create a long-term digital footprint in operations and continuously analyse operations in real time.

Result: Energy consumption was reduced by ≈ 15% and costly repairs associated with unproductive operations were eliminated.

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