Heat Pump Malfunction

Heat Pump Malfunction. By utilizing the HiPerWare platform, the Tuntenhausen residential complex was able to identify and address the root cause of their heat pump malfunction.

During the winter season, the heat pump installed in the Tuntenhausen residential complex started malfunctioning regularly. The issue resulted in a loss of heating in the building. The service company came and fixed the issue, but the periodic malfunctioning still took place.

The HiPerWare platform used for technical operations monitoring and analysis showed that heating system settings were done in accordance with service documentation.
Thanks to the HiPerWare platform and continuous data analysis, the service company declared the unstable work of heat pump as a warranty case, and not improper use or maintenance.

The building owner saved significant costs on repair and maintenance as well as on service company bills by identifying the issue. Proper installation, operation, and maintenance of heat pumps are crucial in terms of cost savings and sustainable operations. By leveraging deep analysis with the HiPerWare platform, building owners can optimize technical operations and reduce energy consumption.

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