HiPer it!, a part of BPS International Group, contributes to the Climate KIC programme on the Canary Islands

HiPer it!, a part of BPS International Group, contributes to the Climate KIC programme on the Canary Islands

The initiative that aims to tackle climate change by utilising big data, IoT and digital twin technologies runs within the framework of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as part of its Climate KIC programme. Five entities from four different countries are involved in the project.

The Enerbuild project, led by the Energy Island Council of Gran Canaria (CIEGC) has been approved by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as a component of its Regional Innovation Scheme. The project will be developed within the framework of EIT Climate-KIC, the European innovation community dedicated to climate action.

The pilot project is aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of climate change. The Big Data IIoT platform HiPerWare, developed by BPS International Group and the Portuguese smart maintenance platform Infraspeak will serve as the technology pillars of a joint solution based on the deep and granular analysis of internal energy consumption by collecting Big Data, with the ultimate goal of discovering anomalies and providing recommendations for system and processes optimisation.

The project has a budget of 156,654 euros, 75% of which will be funded by the EIT Climate KIC. It will be coordinated by the CIEGC, with the Finnova Foundation responsible for communication and outreach activities.

The Energy Council of Gran Canaria will work with Finnova to promote the project’s activities and organise events to publicise its progress and achievements. The communication plan aims to stimulate the interest of citizens, companies, and institutions in the Canary Islands in the fight to reduce the region’s carbon footprint and slow down the advance of climate change. For the Canary Islands, this collective project is a gateway opening opportunities in attracting public-private financing from all corners of Europe, while at the same time placing it at the forefront of the energy transition towards a climate of sustainability and technological innovation.

The project partners

BPS Group is a German company developing and applying new digital technologies to the real estate market. The firm has developed HiPerWare, an end-to-end platform that optimizes real estate operations in real time with the help of Big Data and IoT. The data, obtained through sensors placed in buildings or equipment, are analysed in the cloud, and processed against thousands of variables that can visualise operational processes on a digital twin and improve maintenance efficiency.

Infraspeak is the Portuguese developer of an intelligent maintenance management platform, a state-of-the-art software capable of connecting to various resources such as platforms and sensors. Infraspeak has extensive experience in the implementation of its software and its connection to Internet of Things sensors, bringing its services to more than 400 customers globally.

Finnova is the European foundation for innovation financing. Its goals are to promote public-private cooperation through its knowledge and experience in European funding instruments, addressing societal challenges such as youth employment, entrepreneurship, the UN SDGs, the circular economy, waste recovery, sustainable tourism and the fight against climate change.

SmartUp Innovation Lab, located in Skopje (North Macedonia), dedicates its resources and skills to catalyse innovation in order to offer novel solutions to social problems, connecting institutions, organisations and collectives to different opportunities or projects.

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