HiPerWare 2.0 platform is launched on European market

An IT innovator had launched the second version of its HiPerWare platform during main international trade fair of property and investment EXPO REAL.  

HiPerIT booth at the Tech start up alley gained a lot of attention from both BIM professionals and facility management that search for new effective digital solutions in operations field that help to be in line with ESG requirements. Arseny Tarasov, global CEO of HiPerIT, presented the platform and successful use cases like integration between HiPerWare and Autodesk BIM360. 

HiPerWare marks a critical breakthrough in facility management (FM & CAFM) practice and technology, enabling a wide range of building owners and maintenance companies to perform digital optimization processes to achieve maximum efficiency. Thanks to HiPerWare, the digital transformation in the industry becomes cost-efficient.   

“HiPerWare is based on serious engineering and mathematical development, experience and expertise in IT, design, construction and operations, – says Arseniy Tarasov, Global CEO of HiPer IT. – We developed the HiPerWare Platform, an end-to-end IIoT-based Big Data engine that collects, analyzes and visualizes real-time telemetry from technical processes in a building. It is a ready-to-use, scalable solution based on microservice architecture for mass adoption with immediate results, requiring no significant initial investment and no special site or staff training. The solution creates a long-term digital footprint of technical systems, reduces operating costs by up to 30%, improves energy efficiency by up to 20%, and reduces CO2 emissions. In addition, HiPerWare can be used to track and monitor a building’s energy efficiency for ESG reporting”.   

   “The building sector failed to meet its climate protection targets by 2020. It’s high time to address consumption issues in the building; that’s exactly what our HiPerWare platform does. Our sensors and controllers can be attached to existing equipment and start collecting and responding to data immediately, without expensive new purchases or interventions in processes, – says Arseniy Tarasov. -The fruitful discussions after the launch are hopefully a start for new projects on DACH market that will show how easily the platform can be adapted to the needs of not only new buildings but for retrofit”.  

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