HiPer IT first introduced HiPerWare, the industrial IoT platform, to the European real estate market at REAL PropTech Pitches 2021

HiPer IT recently took part in REAL PropTech Pitches 2021, a high-profile conference dedicated to digital transformation of the real estate industry. This year, REAL PropTech 2021 worked in a new format: participants presented their innovative solutions in 5-minute video presentations. As part of the event, HiPer IT presented for the first time to the European market the concept of High Performance real estate and the industrial IoT platform HiPerWare.

Arseny Tarasov, Global CEO of HiPer IT, presented a new approach to digitalizing the life cycle of real estate and achieving high performance at all its stages.

Mr. Tarasov explained the strong market driver of disruptive changes: “Just like the communications, transport, media and manufacturing industries, the entire real estate is on the verge of changing the technological and business paradigm. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for accelerating digital transformation.”

The traditional model that now exists in the real estate industry does not imply a single technological and digital connection between the design, construction and operation stages. This is the reason for the substantial financial losses incurred by owners and investors. BPS Group’s concept involves combining the entire life cycle from design to operation with a vertically integrated technological process with uniform standards and digital assets.

Such an approach requires not only deep competencies in each of the stages of the real estate life cycle, but also the emergence of new strategies and products that revolutionize the market for traditional technologies in the industry.

According to BPS Group’s concept, a building is created in the digital space. The real implementation is the creation of a “field object,” a kind of “print.” This approach provides a “build as designed” principle, instead of the traditional “documentation as built” model.

Part of the concept involves using the HiPerWare industrial IoT platform for efficient operations. “With a virtual BIM object, we understand the anatomy of a building—its systems and parameters—but not the processes taking place in it. For that purpose, we created HiPerWare, an industrial IoT platform that allows to turn a virtual building into an intelligent, ‘living being’ capable of thinking, feeling, communicating, and understanding cause-and-effect relationships,” noted Mr. Tarasov.

HiPerWare allows you to cost-effectively collect big data in real time and without interrupting utility systems operations. That means millions of values ​​of thousands of variables. This data, measuring the operation of various types of utility systems, is integrated and analyzed, determining complex cause-and-effect relationships and identifying deviations from the norm.

HiPer IT solutions and services allow to create a long-term digital footprint of the operation of utility systems, reduce operating costs by up to 15%, increase energy efficiency by up to 20%, reduce CO2 emissions, minimize human error and unexpected downtime of utility systems, and much more. Just as coaching staff uses the latest technology to achieve top performance of an athlete, we help buildings to improve and stay in perfect shape.


About HiPer IT

HiPer IT, a BPS Group company, is a global business with headquarters in Munich. HiPer IT revolutionizes the way utility systems are operated and maintained, bringing new approaches and modern IT solutions (IIoT, ML, hardware development) to the world of facility management.

HiPer IT solutions enable organizations to achieve and sustain high performance of real estate operations and optimize costs.


About BPS Group

BPS Group has many years of experience in the design, construction, management and operation of real estate, as well as in the field of high technology. The holding structure includes companies that occupy leading positions in the market: BPS Planung, Aybim, and HiPer IT. BPS Planung is a reliable partner for BIM applications in the German market. Today, BPS includes in its portfolio projects with such concerns as PORR, Obermeyer and Hochtief. Partners include TÜV SÜD, Autodesk, Groupe POMA, Synchro Software, Teamsystem and others.


BPS Group is the developer of HiPerWare, an industrial IoT platform for digital facility management.


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