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Energy Retrofit from Idea to Result

Reducing emissions, consumption and costs

High energy prices, EU energy efficiency targets and  ESG initiatives drive demand for Energy Retrofit services.

The aggressive targets set by the EU Energy Performance Directives to reduce energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels have created a significant demand for energy efficiency.  Energy Retrofit has become a top priority for industrial companies, public and institutional building operators and commercial building owners. When implementing Energy Retrofit, companies face the following challenges: 

  • Older facilities (especially industrial) were designed and built without energy optimization goal in mind
  • Lack of know-how and skilled labour for project design and implementation
  • Lack of methods and mass technologies (cost-effective and elaborated) to implement Energy Retrofits

Typical Energy Retrofit Project Goals

Hiper NetZero Test

HiPer NetZero high-performance Energy Retrofit: disruptive, process-based, success delivery approach.

HiPer it! – PropTech specialist – possesses the necessary design, build, and operations optimization competencies to provide an end-to-end Energy Retrofit service from idea to result. 

We measure how energy is generated, distributed, used, stored and lost with dynamic Business Energy Model (BEM), created by the HiPerWare platform.  Energy Retrofit projects should demonstrate measurable improvements in energy efficiency, that are reflected in the BEM.  An example of project results with 32% cost savings, achieved through optimization and energy reuse, is presented below (BEM before and after). 

Hiper NetZero Test
BEM before: Generation, Distribution, Use, Losses
Hiper NetZero Test
BEM after: Generation new; Distribution new; Use+Reuse; Losses new; +Transformation; +Storage

Using HiPerWare based toolkit, an efficient 5 phases agile method was developed, ensuring fast results and long-term success in achieving your energy goals:

`As in` existing Business Energy Model (BEM) creation.

BEM analysis, optimization potential and sources

Development of feasibility study, technical and operational goals for retrofit first stage

First stage of retrofit.


Complete retrofit.

Efficient operations

Hiper NetZero Test

Typical Energy Retrofit Project Deliverables

  • 20-70% CO2 emission reduction and then possible complete phase-out of fossil fuels
  • 10-40% cost reduction through energy reuse, optimization of energy flows, and reduction of energy losses
  • Ensuring effective operations after retrofit throughout the life cycle of the facility
  • Energy audit certificate according DIN EN 12831/ VDI 2078/DIN V 18599 (optional)
  • Subsidies from government support programmes, improving project ROI by up to 50%
  • Digital Energy Twin

Case Study

The changing economic situation has made it necessary to reduce the contribution of fossil fuels to the energy balance as much as possible.

Modernization of the residential complex heating system to energy efficient operations took 4 months to implement and led to 70% reduction of gas consumption. The buildings now use 6 times less primary energy for heating and hot water than an average German household of similar size.

Hiper NetZero Test
Wohnanlage Tuntenhausen

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