How to achieve energy efficiency, and sustain high-performance technical operations, reducing energy costs?

February 16, 2023 at 15:30 GMT+2

About the webinar

Energy optimization is critical for ESG initiatives and required for any building: large and small, new and old, with or without energy experts and complex Building Management System.

Join our webinar on February 16 at 15:30 GMT+2, and learn how to make your buildings more energy efficient and find resource leaks with the HiPer it! Virtual Energy Manager and ORDIN CAFM app. Only real energy efficiency cases and working tools in a 40 minutes stream followed by Q&A.

Whether you are a building owner, CFO, asset manager, property manager, facility manager or engineer this is the place to discuss industry’s hottest topics.


The webinar will cover the following :

  • Building energy efficiency is not only about HVAC automation and smart metering
  • The required scope of the project to achieve the best results regardless of older or new buildings
  • Approaches to achieving and sustaining high performance and energy efficiency
  • Real use cases
  • Effective energy loss points recovery with ORDIN CAFM/CMMS
  • An overview of a comprehensive solution that works as your Virtual Energy Manager providing detailed energy profile, real-live reporting, notification management, Digital trail, Digital Twin, and Predictive facility management


February 16, 2023 at 15:30 GMT+2



Energy Efficiency Webinar

Arseny Tarasov, CEO, Hiper it!


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    October 27th, 3 pm CET
    Arseny Tarasov, Global CEO, Hiper it!