How to achieve energy efficiency, high-performance technical operations and reduce reliance on fossil fuels?

November 3rd, 2022 at 3pm CET


About the webinar

The new challenge to increase energy efficiency, cut costs and transform from “fossil” to “green” energy requires urgent actions. Instant access to energy consumption big data is just the first step for the operational efficiency in real estate. Deep analysis of data from utility systems to identify issues, faults, deviations, and anomalies helps to optimize costs, sustain high performance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Join our webinar and you'll

  • Learn about the latest industry trends and talks from the biggest European real estate exhibition – Expo Real 2022
  • See the power of deep and extensive energy analysis with HiPerWare platform
  • Learn how to minimize outages, achieve energy efficiency and high-performance technical operations
  • Explore use cases of anomalies in utility systems operations and how to avoid them
  • Discuss key success factors of retrofit projects to transform from fossil fuels to green energy


Whether you are a building owner, CFO, asset manager, facility manager or engineer this is the place to discuss industry’s hottest topics.


November 3rd, 2022 at 3pm CET


Energy Efficiency Webinar

Arseny Tarasov, CEO, Hiper it!


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    October 27th, 3 pm CET
    Arseny Tarasov, Global CEO, Hiper it!